Robert Kasenene

Media and Communication

Robert Kasenene

Media and Communication
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Robert Kasenene has over 10 years experience promoting Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Tanzania. He is currently the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Association of Tanzania, responsible for organizational development, program development and partnerships. He is currently managing two projects; on the Post 2015 agenda and Family Planning.

Robert Kasenene is also actively engaged at regional level. He has consulted and worked with the African Union’s Youth Division, through the Youth Volunteer Program. In 2013, he was part of the Youth Secretariat during the ICPD Africa Regional review and a member of the Youth Working Group during the 17th ICASA in Capetown, South Africa.

Throughout 2014 and 2015, he was actively involved in the final review of the ICPD and negotiations for the Post 2015 agenda through the United Nations Commission on Population and Development and General Assembly summits, as part of the Government delegation.

He has a keen interest in utilizing new media and communication platforms to inform and engage communities to demand services and accountability.

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