Samuel Kissi

Samuel Kissi


Samuel Kissi is a youth development consultant and activist based in Accra, Ghana. He has been a member of Curious Minds Ghana, a children and youth advocacy organisation since 1999 and has worked extensively at the national, regional and global levels. Over the last few years, he has been involved in building the capacity of youth leaders from different parts of the world on understanding how their country development planning process works and how to engage with these.

Through AfriYAN, Samuel served on the UN Inter-Agency Task Team on HIV and Young People. He was a member of the International Steering Committee for the Global Youth Forum in Bali and chaired the drafting process of the Bali Declaration. Samuel was also a Co-Chair of the Youth Pre-Conference of the recently held Africa Regional Conference on Population and Development which brought together about 200 youth to make recommendations on ICPD 2014 and beyond.

As a youth SRR activist, Samuel has spoken on various platforms including at the 2012 Commission on Population and Development, the leadership programme of the International AIDS Conference in Washington among others. He brings the experiences of a youth leader who has been actively and simultaneously involved in advocacy and work from the community level to policy discussions at the global level.

Samuel Kissi now works with UNFPA Liaison Office to the African Union (AU) and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) as a Policy and Advocacy Specialist.

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